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Workout: Pull day tri-set for maximum gains

Pull day is currently my favorite day of my workout split. I am obsessed with working my back as that is an area I feel I have a lot of room to improve overall.

I have been utilizing tri-sets in the gym lately to maximize my workouts. I am reaching new heights since implementing them more into my plan. Here are some of the benefits I have been experiencing by using tri-sets in my workouts.

  • Insane pump

  • Saves time

  • Studies have suggested that using tri-sets can allow you to stay lean and gain strength

  • Tri-sets are fun and challenging

The next time you have a pull day be sure to add this tri-set to the lineup.

  1. Light Quick Deadlifts 4X10

  2. BB Shoulder Shrugs 4X20

  3. BB Rows 4X8

Combine this with a complete pull day and you are guaranteed to go home feeling like you really did something at the gym.

Want to see this workout in action? Check out my Instagram post (@DominiqueClare) performing the tri-set.


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