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Get over it because Tim Tebow will make the Jaguars final roster

People need to just get their outrage out of the way. Tim Tebow is going to make the Jacksonville Jaguars' final 53 man roster and it has nothing to do with currently having the top two selling uniforms in the NFL.

Last season the Jaguars carried 3 tight ends all season. They currently have 3 on their roster including Tebow. I find it unlikely that they bring in someone that will be able to take Tebow's hypothetical "final spot".

Head coach Urban Meyer, who coached Tebow in college has also indicated that they could have a Tebow package.

Several people have told me that it makes no sense to have a Tebow package with a promising quarterback prospect like Trevor Lawrence slated to start. My answer to that is that the Saints did it with Drew Brees who is undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer. Putting Tebow in near the goal line will not only open up the playbook putting more pressure on the defense but also take pressure off a rookie quarterback.

It is going to happen and it should!

This honestly makes a lot of sense from multiple angles. Meyer knows Tebow as well as anyone. This isn't a favor. This is Meyer trying to do it his way in the NFL. And what better way than with one of the best football players he has ever coached.

Get ready because Tim Tebow is coming to an NFL goal line near you.

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