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The Patriots are not as good as their record indicates

The New England Patriots have been recognized by many as the undisputed best team in the NFL all season. That is odd because until last night, they have not had to prove how good they are.

The Baltimore Ravens were the Patriots' first real test of the season. They failed that test miserably losing 37-20. Before this game, analysts were saying that the Patriots' defense was historically great. While some of that may have been true statistically, you have to acknowledge who they were playing against.

Prior to last night's game, the Patriots had the easiest schedule in the NFL. Not only that but it was the easiest by a long shot. In the formula I use on Champion Insiders it was the biggest discrepancy between two consecutive teams in order on the list.

But what about their win over the Bills?

The Buffalo Bills are not actually a good football team. The have had the second easiest schedule in the NFL this season. That win has lead people to believe the Patriots have one tough win, when in reality they do not.

It was not surprising at all to see a solid team like the Baltimore Ravens come in and stomp the overrated Patriots.

The Patriots are obviously still an above average team but let's not act like a lot of teams wouldn't have a similar record with their schedule.

Because of their easy schedule they will still likely get a first round bye, home field, and make a playoff run. So dont @ me when that happens.


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