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The Kirk Cousins contract looks better everyday for the Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings signed Kirk Cousins to a record groundbreaking contract just over a year ago. The final deal ended up being a three-year$84 million contract fully guaranteed. At the time, this made Cousins the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history. In addition, the guaranteed money surpassed a record that was held by fellow NFC North quarterback Matt Stafford, who was guaranteed $60.5 million by the Detroit Lions. 

Many felt that was too much money for Kirk Cousins. This argument is based on his lack of playoff wins and record against teams above .500 teams. Because of that, they felt that he should not be paid like a top 5 quarterback, nevertheless like the best quarterback in the NFL. It was also assumed that the Vikings would not be able to sign their key players with expiring contracts because of the Cousins contract.

Here's what the Kirk Cousins opponents fail to realize.

This is a game of quarterback leapfrog

Every top 15-20 quarterback who signs a new contract or extension is going to bump Cousins down, or at least come close to his contract. Since becoming the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL on March 15th, 2018, five quarterbacks have surpassed his contract bumping Cousins down to 6th in just one year. If this continues at this rate, Kirk Cousins will be the 11th highest-paid quarterback in the NFL by the end of the 2019 offseason and 16th highest-paid quarterback in the NFL by 2020 season. At that point, his contract will look like it was an absolute steal for the Minnesota Vikings and they will be wishing they signed him for longer at such a discount because his contract will be expired. 

With game manager Dak Prescott seeking $40 million, the price of quarterback is going to increase at an even more ridiculous level going forward.

Kirk Cousins turned down more money to play in Minnesota

Read that paragraph title again. How many people have a quarterback that actually chose to be where they play? It’s not like Minnesota is a top free agent destination based on location and Super Bowl history (even though I must admit Minnesota is a very underrated and lovely state). Minnesota Vikings fans should be very thankful that Kirk Cousins chose them. He chose the Minnesota Vikings over $90million guaranteed from the New York Jets . If that doesn’t speak volumes about him, I don’t know what will.

He is determined to build something special with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Minnesota Vikings still signed their core players

It was rumored that the Vikings would lose players like Stefon Diggs, Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, and Danielle Hunter. This was not the case at all. There was no "odd man out" and they made it work. General Manager Rick Spielman did what he does best and worked the salary cap through small and smart trades, cuts, and player extensions. They kept their core together and extended some key players on offense and defense to set themselves up for the next few years. 

They did lose Sheldon Richardson but are still in a good spot at the position.

Time will prove the Vikings made a smart deal with Cousins

Every single day that passes, the Kirk Cousins signing looks better financially for Minnesota. Now the Vikings just need to take the next and final step as a team. Once they do that, there will not be a single person questioning the signing or contract. They have a great roster all-around heading into the 2019 NFL season. Could this be the year they finally put it all together? 


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