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Report: 49ers interested in Kirk Cousins

Published on Sports and Fitness Digest

The San Francisco 49ers have interest in trading for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins per reports. Just yesterday, NFL insider Mike Garafolo said that the San Francisco 49ers were likely to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo for the 2021 NFL season. While these are conflicting reports, it makes sense why the earlier report might have leaked prior to the latter.

The NFL is a business and everything released publicly is usually strategic. After all, every single team is competing for the same Vince Lombardi trophy. The reports yesterday could have been a way to show how much confidence the 49ers have in Garoppolo to boost his trade value. Remember when the Minnesota Vikings made it clear they were not trading Stefon Diggs? Yeah, that was right before they traded away Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills. Rumors bring offers, and sometimes a team can’t refuse. (READ FULL STORY HERE)