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Patrick Mahomes: Record against winning teams

Patrick Mahomes

Published on Sports and Fitness Digest

Patrick Mahomes is on pace to leave a legendary mark on the NFL. He has already won an MVP and Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs before the age of 25. With all this success, let’s take a peek at how much of it has come against winning teams.

People often bring up a quarterback’s record against winning teams to discredit a quarterback who is often otherwise successful. I see people use this argument to say players like Kirk Cousins and Matthew Stafford are not good and just put up empty stats.

Before we get into how well Mahomes has fared, I want to make clear that quarterback wins are a team statistic. Very few quarterbacks in the NFL have a winning record against teams who finished the season above .500 in the league. Even Aaron Rodgers has struggled against winning teams. Quarterbacks obviously have a big impact but it is a team game. (READ FULL STORY HERE)