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It Is Time To Come Together And Finish What Colin Kaepernick Started

Published on Huff Post

It is hard to deny that Colin Kaepernick picked an excellent method to raise awareness to racial inequalities and injustice in the United States of America. NFL players kneeling during the national anthem reached an all time high last week. The nation erupted into a national debate after President Donald Trump stirred the pot on Twitter. With Colin Kaepernick no longer in the NFL, we must finish what he started.

In order to move forward, we must listen to our fellow Americans. Not listen to respond, but rather listen to understand. Once we understand why people are doing certain things we can move forward.

We need to understand that while the protesting method may be disrespectful in some people eyes it was a desperate call for a desperate measure. We must each ask ourselves what is going on for these fellow Americans to use these tactics as a call for help.

We also need to understand that history isn’t the same for every citizen. It is easy to say that demonstrators are disrespecting the military since they fought for freedom and defended the flag and that has become the main focus of the debate. (READ FULL STORY HERE)