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How much do NFL Practice Squad players make? Eligibility and more

Published on Sports and Fitness Digest

The NFL practice squad is home to players patiently waiting for their name to be called to the active roster. It is a position commonly held by rookies and second-year players cut before the initial 53 man roster.

There are a handful of rules that affect who teams can and can’t place on their respective squads. The league pays players well for their services. Overall it’s a good system for both the team and players assigned to the practice squad.

How much do the practice squad players make?

As of September of 2020, NFL practice squad players make $8,400 per week. That is a maximum of $142,800 if they are on the squad for the entire 17 week season.

Veteran practice squad players make $12,000 per week. That equates to a maximum of $204,000 if a veteran player is on the practice squad for the entire 17 weeks during the season. (A veteran player is any NFL player with 2 or more years of NFL experience)

When a player is signed from the practice squad, their new contract has no bearing on their previous payments from their practice squad agreement. (READ FULL STORY HERE).