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Dalvin Cook officially ends the "bust" chatter

Sports fans in the NFL tend to have very short memories. This can work in a positive or negative way. In the case of Dalvin Cook it has worked both ways for the second year player out of Florida State University.

When the Minnesota Vikings drafted Dalvin Cook during the 2017 NFL Draft it was a statement that the organization was looking to the future at the running back position. They let long time Vikings star Adrian Peterson hit free agency and he went unsigned during the offseason.

Prior to drafting Cook the Vikings also signed former pro bowler Latavius Murray, who was previously with the Oakland Raiders. Murray was assumed to be the starter going into the season.

Dalvin Cook beat out Murray during camp and became the Vikings new starter at running back. It is worth noting the Murray was nursing a prior injury at the time. Cook started the season off showing what he can do rushing and catching the ball. In the first four games of 2017, he ran for 354 yards with 2 touchdowns and had fans very excited about the Vikings future at running back. Unfortunately, his season was ended by a knee injury suffered against the Detroit Lions during week 4.

Fast Forward to 2018

This season has been pretty good for Cook all things considered. It is not easy to come back from a devastating knee injury and play at a high level in the NFL. Cook has been dealing with a hamstring that is a result of his knee recovery. That is very common for people recovering with that injury.

The Vikings training staff and coaches have been patient in his return to make sure he is ready. They are comfortable with Latavius Murray starting and have no reason to rush their young star back to the field. Despite the recovery going well, some fans and fantasy owners have been calling Dalvin Cook a bust due to the fact of how little he has played.

This is an absolutely ridiculous thought. He has had one injury and a hiccup that is related to that injury. He has been actively trying to get back and will be available for the rest of this season. Last week against the Detroit Lions, Cook shut up the people who have been quick to call him a bust.

Dalvin Cook had a 70 yard run where he just flat out looked explosive. The best part is that he ran 22.07 mph (per Next Generation Stats) during the run. That is the fastest any running back has been clocked all season in the entire NFL.

It looks like Dalvin Cook is fully recovered and ready to split duties with Latavius Murray and fight for his starting spot. If you read all that and still think he is a bust, then I guess I cant help you.


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