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Cris Carter out at Fox Sports: Heres what we know

​Cris Carter is no longer working for Fox Sports. That is the only information we can confirm as facts at this point. With that being said, we do have some clues as to what happened as there are a lot of leaks and speculation at this as well. Recent reports before the announcement today make this news not very surprising.

It has been leaked that Cris Carter was upset about not being used for Fox Sports Thursday Night Football NFL coverage. Fox Sports recently hired former New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski to their Thursday Night Football team.

What we did not get is an exact reason with the vague announcement that came. Sources did say that Carter was released over a serious matter. Whether that is personal or work-related is very unclear at this point.

What we do know is that there are rumors all over Twitter that there was an alleged blow-up between Cris Carter and some executives at FS1. If that is the case this makes perfect sense and that could have definitely escalated to a level to be defined as serious and a means of termination.

Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe have remained as usually on First things First. Retired NFL Defensive lineman Chis Canty has filled in for Carter.

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Rob Tornoe of the Philadelphia Inquirer summed up Carter’s professional media career as followed.

“Prior to joining Fox Sports, Carter spent eight years as an NFL analyst at ESPN, where he helped anchor the network’s popular Sunday morning pregame show NFL Countdown. He started his TV career as a studio analyst on HBO’s Inside the NFL in 2002, where he famously interviewed former Eagles coach Buddy Ryan and opened up about his controversial release from the team.”

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