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5 reasons to squat more

Squats will forever be one of my favorite exercises. I have grown to love them and feel they have contributed to my overall physical strength and shape more than any other lift I do at the gym.

After digging a bit more into the research I realized that it's not just anecdotal from my own account. There is a lot of data and science to back up the benefits of squats and why we should do them more.

Here is a good video on how to squat from a good follow on IG, @MegSquats

The awesome thing is that there are a lot of variations of the squat if you have a history of injuries that make squatting difficult. I primarily do standard barbell back squat but there are a lot of other variations to suit your limitations you may have.

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1. Squats increase your core strength

Squats are a great way to strengthen your core. While it doesn't necessarily activate the muscles that create is six-pack, it does work the erector spinae which is very important in the core. A stronger core is always better and building it unintentionally is even better.

2. Strengthen your hamstrings and quads

Hamstrings and quads are often neglected in strength training. Squats are a great way to work them without doing isolated exercises. Studies have shown that they are more effective for building your quads compared to hamstrings but still work them both.

3. Build up your calf size

Having trouble putting on size on your calf muscles? Some studies suggest that squatting works our calf muscles more than isolated calf exercises.

4. Help prevent injuries

A lot of injuries are caused by imbalances. I have had my share of injuries due to that. Squats, when done properly help correct imbalances by working many muscles together and evenly.

5. Increase your vertical

As a hooper this one is important to me. Squatting is a good way to improve and maintain your vertical. I am into my 30's and my vertical is the highest it has ever been. Largely thanks to my obsession with squats.

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