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Welcome to my free workout challenge. With so many people forced to work out from home, I wanted to create something fun for everyone to try and complete. We have to find ways to stay healthy and social during these challenging times. This free workout challenge will help you do just that. This free home workout program was inspired by a program I created for myself and a few friends when I started working out from home back in April of 2020 when I stopped going to the gym because of the Pandemic.

Workout Overview

My 5 week home workout challenge will push you to get physically and mentally stronger by completion. The plan focuses on supersets to maximize efficiency in time and most importantly working your muscles. There are ranges for reps for many exercises so you can challenge yourself based on your personal fitness level. 

  • 5 Week Challenge

  • 3 Workouts a week (Recommended M, W, F)

  • Each Workout should take roughly 30 minutes 

  • Each week you should be able to do more of the max exercises as you progress. Track your progress on any exercise that has you do max reps. Feel free to share your progress with the group after your 5 weeks is complete.

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Excercise Guide

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