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After playing Division 1 college football and graduating from SDSU,  I started blogging in the early 2010s.

After four years I received an opportunity to contribute to Huff Post to write about technology and social issues. Many of my articles were featured on the front page of the website. 


I had a goal of writing about my favorite sports teams and decided to make that happen in 2016. I started covering the Minnesota Vikings and Timberwolves for Midwest Communications Inc 80+ Radio Network and Fansided. My work with those outlets was featured on Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, and Bleacher Report numerous times........


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My Brands

I started AthleteTrain-X™ to help anyone with any type of fitness goal utilize researched and proven training concepts used by athletes around the world. My goal is to bridge my knowledge as a personal trainer with my experience as an athlete. 

AthleteTrain-X™ features valuable information about how to eat, sleep, and TRAIN like an athlete. 


Sports and Fitness Digest delivers content about two of the things I am most passionate about in life. I created this website as an outlet where people passionate about sports or fitness can get a different and more in-depth look at the industry. Instead of focusing on chasing breaking news, we focus on providing the human value of thought, analysis, research, and pure entertainment.


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